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    LODE-BD Recommendations 2.0 available on AIMS now!

    The second beta version of the Linked Open Data-enabled Bibliographical Data (LODE-BD) Recommendations has been released and is now online available on AIMS in pdf form, please go to: aims.fao.org...

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    The agINFRA Science Gateway is online

    The agINFRA Science Gateway, developed by the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics in the context of the EU funded agINFRA project, has been released online at http://aginfra-sg.ct.infn.it...

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    Batch importing functionality in AgriOcean Dspace

    The AgriOcean Dspace (AOD) version 1.1 came with a new function to import records in AGRIS AP, MODS, Endnote and Web of Science RIS files. It is now possible in the submission process to batch...