Ask Me Anything Call on CODATA - Wednesday 16 October

Dear AIMS Community,

If you are interested in learning more about CODATA, you will have a unique chance to discuss it with Simon Hodson, CODATA's Executive Director, in a talk focusing on its mission and in particular the preparation for a decadal programme, under the auspices of the International Science Council (ISC), to make data work better for cross-domain global grand challenges. The FAIR principles have enabled us to accelerate progress in improved data stewardship.  It is essential for us to apply further effort to the I and the R of FAIR: interoperability and reusability.  This is particularly striking in those areas of research and policy priority (climate change adaptation, sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, resilient and healthy cities, etc) where progress cannot be made without making data from many different sources work together.

The Committee on Data of the International Science Council (ISC), CODATAexists to promote global collaboration to improve the availability and usability of data for all areas of research, and supports the principle that data produced by research and susceptible to be used for research should be as open as possible and as closed as necessary.

CODATA works also to advance the interoperability and the usability of such data: research data should be intelligently open or FAIR. By promoting the policy, technological and cultural changes that are essential to make research data more widely available and more usable, CODATA helps advance ISC’s mission of strengthening international science for the benefit of society.

If you are interested in attending, register here.

The talk will be held online on Wednesday, October 16th at 14:00-15:00 UTC (10:00-11:00 EDT)

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Short bio

Simon Hodson has been Executive Director of CODATA since August 2013. Simon is an expert on data policy issues and research data management. He as contributed to influential reports on Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies and to the Science International Accord on Open Data in a Big Data World.

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