CASRAI 2017 Standards Open Review - live until JUNE 30, 2017

CASRAI is calling on subject experts from the international research community to participate in this review. Participants are welcome from all research-producing nations, regardless of which nation. THE REVIEW IS NOW LIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2017. CASRAI thanks in advance for your active collaboration !


This is an international call for participants in the Open Review of the 2017 outputs of the CASRAI standards active Working Groups (WGs).

There are five review tracks ready for this month-long period of Open Review in the international research community:

Track 1IRIDIUM (Research Data Management) Standard Glossary Review
Track 2Open Access Standard Glossary Review
Track 3Academic Research Career Levels Standard Taxonomy Review
Track 4Impacts Data Collection Standard Template Review
Track 5Proposed new terms to a Common, cross-cutting Glossary

CALL INSTRUCTIONS: All content up for open review is freely available to all to read; but if you want to participate and contribute your input to the terms and other outputs we ask that you create your free account on this Forum.

Follow the above links to the track you are interested in. If the track is a single document you can read and comment on that document. If the track is a set of proposed glossary terms you can read and comment on any single terms. Instructions are provided in each document or term.

Each of the above five tracks will be open to all - you can participate in one or more depending on your interest and subject-expertise.

CASRAI is calling on subject experts from the international research community to participate in this review.

Feedback from:

  • faculty and staff in research-performing institutions who are responsible for regularly supplying research information to multiple funders and other stakeholders (for example via web application forms and regular reports) and
  • program staff at research funders and other stakeholders who are responsible for establishing information-collection policies at their organisation (including publishers via their article submission forms)

is highly appreciated! 


In the second half of 2016 CASRAI Steering Committees in the Canadian and the UK chapters approved fou priorities for 2017 development of new standard agreements for information-driven research management. These four priorities were the result of consultations in each country with members and partners and with the wider community through an Open Call4 issued in September 2016.

In early 2017, over the months of January, February and March, four CASRAI Working Groups (WGs) developed a number of draft outputs to address these four priorities (links to the WG mandates and members):

  1. Research Data Management (IRIDIUM) Standard Glossary Working Group44 (Canada-led)
  2. Open Access Standard Glossary Working Group32 (UK-led)
  3. Academic Research Career Levels Standard Taxonomy28 (UK-led)
  4. Impacts Data Collection Standard Template30 (UK-led)

Source: CASRAI 

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