Free interactive Data Skills Training Modules (from UK Data Service)

UK Data Service Team invites all interested parties to try a new ONLINE TEACHING resource which introduces DATA to non-experts via easy-to-use interactive DATA SKILLS MODULES

Launched as beta versions, the introductory level Data Skills Modules give those new to research a solid grounding in the key skills needed to make use of our rich data resources. 

The modules use short INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS and interactive quizzes. You can conduct them in your own time, and dip in and out. 

Glossary of terms used throughout the modules.

For optimal user experience, EITHER of the following are recommended:

  • An up-to-date Flash player, and Flash-enabled browser such as IE8 or later, Safari 7 or later, or the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox (note that you may need to enable Flash to run)
  • Google Chrome or Safari 7 or later to view the HTML5 output

Each module stands alone but those with little experience of surveys may find it useful to start with the Survey Data Module before moving on to the Longitudinal Data Module.

SURVEY DATA MODULE (approximately 2 hours)

Unit 1: What are survey data?

Unit 2: Use cases

Unit 3: Exploring data

Unit 4: Looking at characteristics with graphs and charts

Unit 5: Looking at two variables to understand patterns

Unit 6: Considering the impact of sampling on your results

LONGITUDINAL DATA MODULE (approximately 2 hours)

Unit 1: What are longitudinal data?

Unit 2: Use cases

Unit 3: Downloading data & getting started

Unit 4: Preparing to work with the data

Unit 5: Analysing the data

AGGREGATE DATA MODULE (approximately 1.5 hours)

Unit 1: What are aggregate data?

Unit 2: Use cases

Unit 3: Summary statistics

Unit 4: Mapping census data

Source: UK Data Service : Data Skills Modules 

Please send UK Data Service your feedback and suggestions.


The AIMS Team at FAO of the UN offers a number of other e-learning programs in terms of Capacity Development on Open Data & Research Data Manahement.  Later in the year of 2018, some courses will be repeated and we will announce the calls for applications through AIMS web site as well as AGORA website. Please watch these spaces for upcoming events.

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