Free Webinar : Global Librarianship Services


December 5, 2016

2 pm EST // 11 am PST // 1 pm CST 

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As the opportunities and challenges raised by globalization become more a part of people’s everyday lives, colleges and universities are committed to providing their students with academic opportunities on a global scale. This has led academic libraries to focus their efforts on meeting the needs of their students and faculty at global campuses and study abroad sites. Also under the same trend, the number of global services/education librarians is on the rise with unique responsibilities and experiences. In this panel, we’ll be discussing:

  • the similarities and differences between the global library services programs at our respective sites;
  • the opportunities and challenges we’ve faced, including how to work with partners in headquarters as well as overseas;
  • discuss how global library services may be evolving in the future (experiences, future trends in global librarianship). 

Audience participation in this discussion is welcome and strongly encouraged.

45 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for discussion


  • Dan Perkins (Global Services Librarian at NYU)
  • Lindsay Wharton (Extended Campus and Distance Services Librarian at Florida State University)  
  • Hong Cheng (Global Services Librarian at University of Cincinnati) 

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