IFPRI is looking for a DATA CONSULTANT. You are invited to apply !

IFPRI is looking for a DATA CONSULTANT who will help  IFPRI to revise its data policy and practice, working together with IFPRI data governance team (see a TOR attached).

IFPRI has started sharing some of the data the Institute has produced since the 1990s. The institute has a data repository that allows users to download data easily and freely. IFPRI has codified these efforts in its 2010 data policy. IFPRI has also endorsed the Open Access and Open Data Policy of the CGIAR, of which IFPRI is a member. While policies are in place, these policies have relied on individual initiative to make data freely and openly accessible as public goods. As a result, a considerable number of datasets may not have been made publicly available in line with the Institute’s policy.

A brief introduction about the consultancy

This Terms of Reference describes a consultancy designed to assist the DGT by addressing the following:

1.       Identification and description of the types of data resources and products that are generated, curated, used, or exchanged by IFPRI research and the related challenges in governing and managing these products.

2.       Recommendation of appropriate policies for governing and managing these products, taking into consideration:

a.       the needs of IFPRI, including its overall mission and mandate as well as the needs of its research, communications, and corporate services staff;

b.      the needs of IFPRI’s collaborators in research and communications activities;

c.       benchmarks, standards, and best practices used in comparable public policy research organizations;

d.      the CGIAR Open Access and Open Data Policy;

e.      the protection of private information and ethical research on human subjects; and

f.        the policies and provisions set forth by IFPRI’s donors.

3.       Recommendation of appropriate procedures and practices for managing these data products, taking into consideration:

a.       rules or other mechanisms for defining ownership and use-rights for data;

b.      standardization of metadata and other supporting documentation as required by donors and data users;

c.       protection of privacy, private information, and other proprietary data;

d.      processes and procedures for exit clearance for data when staff leave IFPRI;

e.      include data management plan in research proposal that involves generation of primary data

Expected Deliverables/Outputs

The Consultant is expected to produce a Data Governance Report that provides

1.       Detailed identification and description of IFPRI’s full range of data resources and products, as well as the challenges associated with each;

2.       Recommendations for a revised IFPRI Data Policy that addresses the points described above;

3.       Recommendations for procedures and practices to accompany the IFPRI Data Policy that addresses the points described above.


The Consultant will follow the workplan and the time schedule agreed with Indira Yerramareddy, manager of Knowledge Management and Web and will work closely with her and other individuals as determined necessary. The appropriate methodology for soliciting opinions and thoughts from IFPRI staff and other concerned stakeholders regarding processes, protocols, and policies (if the needs arise) should be determined in consultation with DGT members. The consultant should consider/undertake all the required data/information from research divisions and regional offices, donors, and other relevant sources to suggest the process improvement and update policies that can sustain the changing landscapes of research and open data.

Duration of the work

This contract shall cover 20 working days spanning 3 months, beginning April 1, 2018 and ending on June 30, 2018.

Required expertise and qualifications

1.       Advanced degree (Masters level or above) in a relevant field such as information, data, and knowledge management; library science; informatics or data science or equivalent experience.

2.       At least 7-10 years of prior work experience in the governance and management of data, particularly research data or scientific data and full awareness of the issues in this field.

3.       Demonstrated knowledge of, and experience with, policies, legislation, and procedures related to open data, open data platforms and repositories, privacy and confidentiality protections in data, and other rules and regulations related to data management.

4.       Familiarity with household survey data and geospatial data, as well as machine and human readable metadata and data files.

Contact: Indira Yerramareddy (email: [email protected])




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