Migration from "Anancy" to CGSpace completed: Open Access to 40,000 records on metadata for research output

GODAN partners CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) and CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) have completed the migration of the CTA Virtual Resource Center, Anancy, to CGSpace. CGSpace is a repository that provides Open Access to metadata for research output. It receives its resources from several centers and research programs that are part of the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR). Through the successful migration, CGSpace has become an open data repository with over 40,000 records. 

The Anacy data is stored using Dublin Core metadata standards and partner specific metadata fields. The platform provides access to machine readable formats like XML and JSON. No login is required to browse CTA's Anancy materials within the CGSpace repository. The data can be accessed via a web browser using an API.

Find the announcement for the migration on the GODAN website.

Find out about more details and how to directly access the content via Rest APIs on the knowledge management for agricultural and rural development (KM4ARD) blog of CTA.

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