New! Job opportunity for Researcher for Agriculture data sector package

An experienced researcher is sought to lead the research, development and stakeholder coordination around an ‘Agriculture data sector package’ sponsored by Open Data 4 Development (OD4D), GODAN, the Open Data Institute, the Government of Mexico (TBC), and supported by the Technical Working Group of the Open Data Charter.

  • Aim: Develop an ‘Agriculture data sector package’ to support Open Data Charter adoption
  • Audience Policymakers and governments adopting the Open Data Charter (primary), agriculture and open data technical experts (secondary)
  • Project sponsors ODI (Fiona Smith, Jeni Tennison), GODAN (Andre Laperriere, Ana Brandusescu), OD4D (Fernando Perini)
  • Start date 27th June 2016 (desirable)
  • Duration 4 months
  • Location London preferable, but not essential. Researcher can be located remotely outside of UK.
  • Partners GODAN partners (CABI, Agroknow, FAO, Open Data Charter Technical Working Group (TWG))
  • Budget $USD 20,000
  • Costed proposals due by 17 June 2016
  • Tender decision by 23 June 2016
  • Contact [email protected]

About the Agriculture Sector Package

The sector package is a curated resource, providing guidance for policymakers (at the national and departmental level) on how to make open data available, and to support the use of open data, in the agriculture sector.

The lead researcher will report to GODAN and the ODI, and will work closely with members of the International Open Data Charter Technical Working Group, and stakeholders within the open data and agriculture communities, to coordinate input and feedback on development of the package.

Key outputs from the work include:

1. Detailed research, implementation and engagement plan (approved by ODI/GODAN, and taking into account stakeholder feedback)

2. Well-defined problem statement

3. Facilitate stakeholder engagement workshops and meetings, including:

  • Kick-off meeting with core editorial group to frame the data package (date TBC)
  • GODAN Summit review workshop with members of agriculture sector (15–16th Sept 2016)
  • Validation workshop at IODC (5–7th Oct 2016)
  • Ongoing engagement with data publishers, users, and policy experts to seek inputs and review

4. Deliver data sector package report (approx 20 pgs), including:

  • Key dataset categories (building on this previous work of ODI and GODAN)
  • Exemplar datasets
  • Illustrative use cases
  • Links to key standards projects
  • Articulation of remaining gaps, and suggested recommendations to policymakers

5. Presentation materials summarising the sector package, including powerpoint slides

Preparation of the first draft will be in time for the GODAN Summit (15–16th September 2016 in NYC), with a second draft version presented at the International Open Data Conference (5–7th October 2016 in Madrid). A final version of the data sector package will be delivered and handed over by 31st October 2016, in time for official launch at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit, 7–9th December, Paris, France. 

Detailed role description here

Funding for this work is provided by OD4D (with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), World Bank, Global Affairs Canada and The Department for International Development (DFID).


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