New publication about agINFRA "agINFRA: a research data hub for agriculture, food and the environment"

Read the new publication about the European project “agINFRA” on the F1000Research Open Science publishing platform: "agINFRA: a research data hub for agriculture, food and the environment", written by Andreas Drakos¹ , Vassilis Protonotarios¹ and Nikos Manouselis²

The publication gives an overview about the whole project, including its strategic objectives, achievements and conclusions and especially focusses on the technology infrastructure that was developed during the project.

The agINFRA project aimed to introduce agricultural scientific communities to the vision of open and participatory data-intensive science. Accordingly, it was designed to openly connect publicly available agricultural data in a system which users can easily access. Additionally it introduces a set of recommendations applying to agri-food research community for data management, sharing and dissemination.

agINFRA was launched in November 2011 and ended in February 2015.


¹ University of Alcala, Spain
² Agro-Know, Greece

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