RDA Call for Council Nominations 2020

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) was launched as a community-driven initiative in 2013 by the European Commission, the United States Government's National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation with the goal of building the social and technical infrastructure to enable open sharing and re-use of data.

RDA has a grass-roots, inclusive approach covering all data lifecycle stages, engaging data producers, users and stewards, addressing data exchange, processing, and storage. It has succeeded in creating the neutral social platform where international research data experts meet to exchange views and to agree on topics including social hurdles on data sharing, education and training challenges, data management plans and certification of data repositories, disciplinary and interdisciplinary interoperability, as well as technological aspects.

The RDA Foundation provides the core business operations of RDA and represents RDA globally. Learn more.

RDA Council

The Council maintains the vision of RDA, ensuring the guiding principles of the organisation are maintained, and formally endorses RDA Working and Interest Groups and Recommendations.

The Council is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability of the RDA. The powers and authority of the Council are described in the RDA Governance Document. Details of the processes governing Council membership and responsibilities are described in the Organisational and Process Plan Document.

Elected Council Members also serve as Trustees for the RDA Foundation, an official Charity registered in England and Wales under Company Number 9021881. Details are described in the Foundation’s Articles of Association.

Key Information:

  • The 2020 Council Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for 3 open Council positions.
  • Nominations consist of a Nominations Letter (candidates may self-nominate) and two endorsements (see “Application Process” for specifics).
  • Nominations should be sent by email no later than 31 January 2020 at 23:59 UTC (see “Application Process” for specifics).
  • Elected Council members will serve for 3 years starting 10 April 2020 after elections have closed and the slate has been approved by the RDA membership.


Council members are expected to be “statespersons” committed to supporting the aims of RDA rather than promoting special interests, regions, domains or disciplines. Since RDA is an international organization, it is important that the Council also reflect geographic, gender, and cultural diversity.  Learn more about the RDA Council.

Successful nominees are expected to:

  • Be committed to the success of RDA and focus on the benefits to RDA Global over other (and regional) priorities as part of RDA Council discussions and efforts.
  • Have experience working successfully with a stakeholder community and be willing to do the same on behalf of RDA.
  • Be willing to engage actively in RDA as defined by attendance at Council meetings, attendance at Plenaries, responsiveness to RDA Council and other communications and email, and appropriate other RDA participation and travel.[1]
  • Be able to represent the entire RDA community and not their particular region, profession, expertise, or other category.
  • Contribute good judgement, strategic thinking, shared responsibility, time and attention to Council discussions and efforts.
  • Collaborate well and respectfully with other Council members, RDA leaders, and RDA members.

Photo by UNSPLASH licensed under CC0 License

Application Process:

Nominators should send a pdf package that includes a letter of nomination and two letters of endorsement (all from RDA members) to [email protected] by 31 January 2020 at 23:59 UTC. Interested candidates may self-nominate but not self-endorse.

Nominations should include a short biography of the nominee and describe how the nominee fits the expectations for a successful nominee provided above.

Letters of endorsement should describe why the nominee would be a successful Council member.

More Information:

RDA Council terms will complete after Plenary 15 (10 April 2020) for:

  • Sandra Collins
  • Edit Herczog
  • Helen Kay Raseroka

Both Sandra Collins and Edit Herczog are eligible to be re-nominated for a second term, Helen Kay Raseroka is completing her second term and is not eligible to be re-nominated. The Nominations Committee will determine a slate of 3 distinguished individuals by 10 March 2020.

As defined in the Governance Document, Council chooses a Nomination Committee each year. The Council Nomination Committee for 2020 will consist of:

  1. Mark Leggott (Chair, representing Council)
  2. Rebecca Koskela (OAB, US)
  3. Helen Kay Raseroka (Council, BW)
  4. Frankie Stevens (TAB, AU)
  5. Dina Paltoo (Funders, US)

This group provides diverse community and governance representation while still keeping the Nominations Committee small enough to be effective.


15 NOVEMBER 2019: Call for nominations for new Council members published.

31 JANUARY 2020: Call for Nominations closes at 23:59 UTC.

1 FEBRUARY – 3 MARCH 2020: Nomination Committee members to (virtually) meet and determine a slate.

10 MARCH 2020: Slate for the new Council members is announced

18 MARCH – 1 APRIL 2020: RDA membership voting open on the slate.

3 APRIL 2020: Outcome of the elections announced to the RDA community on the web site.

10 APRIL 2020: New Council members will join Council and Council members completing their terms will depart from Council.

[1] To get the most from the RDA budget, Council members are asked to seek financial support for their service through their home organizations or regional RDAs if they exist and it is possible.


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