Organic.Edunet International Conference on IT-Enhanced Organic, Agro-Ecological and Environmental Education

The conference is focusing on Learning Methodologies in Agriculture and, more specifically, on Organic Agriculture and Ecology. Also, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations will be presented, through which the aforementioned methodologies can benefit many stakeholders of various areas and activities.

Methodologies and technological Tools (M&T) are aiming at facilitating knowledge dissemination in the wide area of Agriculture and Ecology, to pupils, students, teachers, professors, researchers, policy makers and other involved parties. M&T will be presented by experts from a wide scientific spectrum, including fields such as Agriculture, Pedagogy, Learning & Knowledge Management and ICT. Specialists of the above areas will present implemented or running projects intending to open new avenues of knowledge to the young generation.

The scope of the Conference dictates splitting it into two parts. The first part, devoted to Learning Methodologies in Agriculture and Ecology, will be covered during the 1st day of the conference, when project leaders and knowledge disseminators and promoters will present their project results. The second part, devoted to technological platforms and innovative tools, will be presented during the 2nd day.

Research work needed to be carried out in the above scientific and technological areas will be pointed out during the closing discussion of the conference. Our hope is the drawn conclusions to become research motives of the next years to come.

Topics of the Conference

  • Projects in Agricultural and Ecological Education
  • Learning Techniques and Methodologies
  • Learning Repositories and Platforms
  • Innovative ICT Tools for Knowledge Dissemination

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