Workshop: Innovative Applications And Data Sharing With Linked Open Data In Museums

This workshop focuses on what you can do with linked data and modern application frameworks now.

It helps you explain to executives, peers, and funders how you improve flexibility, avoid one-offs, create long-term value in your data, and foster collaborations between multiple institutions.

It is an example-rich, practical introduction to recent applications and data patterns for Linked Open Data (LOD) for museums, libraries, and archives. Presented by a designer/information architect and an application/data developer, you will learn the current concepts, uses, technologies, and approaches we use to create real applications in the digital humanities.

Linked data addresses internal and external needs for cultural heritage information – supporting internal integration and application building across silos, as well as sharing data outside your institution. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! There are different levels of model richness and open source tools available to smooth the way forward.

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