Use and integration of vocabularies in digital repositories

Free Webinar on the use of controlled vocabularies offered to people from Sokoine Agricultural University (SUA), University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Ardhi University (ARU) and Tanzania Meteorological Institute (TMA) working on the project "Strengthening documentation, communication and dissemination of information related to climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation in Tanzania". The objective is to build the Tanzania Climate Change Repository, TaCCIRe, a subject repository based on DSpace.

The Tanzania Climate Change Information Repository is a digital collection of the intellectual output which is online, free of charge and free from most copyright and licensing restrictions. This repository aims at documenting and enhancing access to relevant information resources produced by CCIAM programme and related information generated from Tanzania. Through the TaCCIRe, research on climate change related to Tanzania and Africa are more visible to the rest of the world.

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