EIFL-Open Access Programme

Advocating open access to promote knowledge sharing EIFL-Open Access is one of the main programmes of EIFL. Most research is published in commercial e-journals, but because of high subscription costs researchers in developing and transition countries  are disadvantaged. Open access is the immediate, online, free and unrestricted availability of peer-reviewed, research literature. It provides the means to maximize the visibility and use of research output.

What does EIFL-OA do?

  • Building capacities to launch and sustain open access repositories.
  • Offering training, supporting knowledge sharing, and providing expertise on open access policies and practices.
  • Empowering library professionals, scholars, educators and students to become open access advocates
  • Advocating nationally and internationally for the adoption of open access policies and mandates

SPARC Europe Award: Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications

The EIFL-OA programme won the 2011 SPARC Europe Award  for its awareness raising, advocacy and capacity building activities over the last three years, and for its success in developing a large number of repositories and open access journals in EIFL partner countries.

To learn more about EIFL-OA go to www.eifl.net/openaccess

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