4th iMarine Board Meeting highlight: Presentation on application bundles

The 4th iMarine Board Meeting took place in October, 16-18, 2013 at the FAO headquarters (Italy). The presentation "iMarine products and services delivery" held by Pasquale Pagano, iMarine Technical Director, is now online available.

iMarine application bundles

The presentation focuses on the four iMarine application Bundles listed down below, showing some of their possibilities in terms of products and services.

A bundle is a set if services and technologies grouped according to a family of related tasks for achieving a common objective.

  • BiolCube: management and interpretation of biological and ecological data in the environment.
  • StatsCube: a complete data-life-cycle-supporting framework, from observational data to aggregated data repositories enriched with validation and analytical tools.
  • GeosCube helps practitioners dealing with geospatial information to properly access, consume, and produce data.
  • ConnectCube: a comprehensive tool suite, which supports a collaborative, standards-oriented data-publication environment, including semantic technologies.

On the "Application bundles" page of the iMarine website, you can find all the (six) bundles iMarine is offering. For each bundle the type of user is indicated and the Virtual Reserach Environment (VRE) that adopts the bundle - VREs offers flexible and secure web-based, community-centric platforms, so researchers can work together on common challenges.

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