BASE indexed 50 million OAI-records

BASE, a search engine for academic open access web resources, has indexed more than 50,000,000 OAI-records. The records are provided by about 2,700 repositories among which many are related to agriculture.

BASE is a multi-disciplinary search engine for academically relevant OAI-Sources worldwide, which was created and developed by Bielefeld University Library.

Repositories backbone of the OA infrastructure

The ongoing growth of repositories and the development of BASE are reflecting the overall importance of repositories as the backbone of the OA infrastructure. Repositories do not only contain theses and preprints anymore, like in the beginning, instead they are becoming the platform for the whole publication output of academic institutions, they contain large digital OA text collections, research data and even e-books.

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Based on the post (in German) by Dirk Pieper of the Bielefeld University Library for the OAI community:

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