AGROVOC is now available in Lao!

The Lao AGROVOC is based on FAO AGROVOC which is the common thesaurus used by FAO for agriculture and forestry terminology. It contains more than 15,000 agricultural related terms.
NAFRI decided to translate the AGROVOC terms to assist in the development of Lao Agriculture Database (LAD) system so that Lao researchers can better search and categorize research being generated. There are a number of other important spin-offs from Lao AGROVOC. First it will help standardize Lao language terminology used within the agriculture and forestry sector. Within Laos, this is unique since it is the first comprehensive attempt help to standardize usage of Lao language terms.
The Lao AGROVOC was developed jointly by a group of more than 40 experts from NAFRI, the National University in Laos and different line agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. For more information contact Bandith Ramangkoun at: [email protected]