Complete the IFPRI survey on "Potential of Agricultural Technologies"

IFPRI is currently conducting a project entitled "How to achieve food security in a world of growing scarcity: role of technology development strategies”.

As part of this project, IFPRI has put together a survey to collect expert information about the potential of agricultural technologies (in the broader sense of the word, including agricultural practices) in the different regions of the world. More specifically, IFPRI likes to assess the impact of a range of technologies on crop production and yields; production costs; soil and water quality; on-farm incomes; and the use of water, energy, and other resources.

Among the respondents who complete the survey before August 15 (the initial date of July 31 has been postponed), two lucky winners will also receive an iPad 2. Please do not forget to enter your contact information on the first page of the survey to participate in the draw for the iPads 2’s. Only completed questionnaires will be selected for the draw.

This survey focuses on 3 crops: wheat, maize and rice, and on the following technologies:

  • Zero tillage
  • Integrated soil fertility management (combinations of chemical fertilizers + residues + manure/compost)
  • Irrigation technologies (furrow; drip and sprinkler)
  • Water harvesting (channeling water from a macrocatchment, microcatchment systems, earth dams, chaukas and nadis structures, ridges, graded contours etc.)
  • Genetically modified crops (heat/drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency)
  • Conventional breeding (heat/drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency)
  • Precision agriculture (GPS-assisted delivery of agricultural inputs)
  • Laser land leveling (leveling a field within certain degrees of desired slope using a guided laser beam to improve water use efficiency)
  • Organic agriculture (use of manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and GMOs excluded / strictly limited)

It would be extremely grateful if you could fill out thesurvey and/or share the survey link with knowledgeable colleagues.

Each respondent will also receive a synthesis of the results, and your contribution will be acknowledged in any publication that may result from the use of these data, if you so wish.

The survey can be accessed at:

For questions about this survey, please contact Nicola Cenacchi at [email protected]