FAOSTAT among ten most amazing databases

PopSci.com, a leading source of science and technology news, published an article on the ten most amazing databases in the world. The idea behind this top ten is to show that databases do much more than store knowledge: “They provide researchers with new ways to solve long-cold crimes, predict economic recessions, measure your love life, map the universe and save lives.” 


FAOSTAT is one of the highlighted databases. FAOSTAT is the world’s largest database of food and agricultural information, with more than a million statistics covering five decades and 245 countries and territories. It  Monitors the global food supply by tracking data on agriculture, land use, fishing, forestry, food aid, nutrition and population growth.


CountrySTAT is the national version of FAOSTAT, a Web-based information technology system for food and agriculture statistics at the national and subnational levels. It provides decision-makers access to statistics across thematic areas such as production, prices, trade and consumption.