[Nouvelle Publication] Software architecture for the ontology-based Fisheries Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS)

This document describes the architecture for the ontology-driven Fisheries Stock Depletion Assessment System (FSDAS) knowledge base. It will be a stand-alone Java Web Start (JWS) application that communicates via web services with a separate server instance of the NeOn core toolkit and an RDF triple store for unstructured data sources. Users will experience FSDAS as a browsable and queryable application that returns organized, quality-rated, linked results that can be used to make decisions about the state and trends of various fish stocks. Fisheries information resources will be exploited using ontologies to return time-series statistics on capture, production, commodities and fleets by stock, together with direct links to related documents, web pages, news items, images and multi-media.