Workshop on Using Copyright to Promote Access to Information and Creative Content

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is organizing a Workshop to advance in the preparation of the Study on “Using Copyright to Promote Access to Information and Creative Content” (the Study).

The Study was formally requested by WIPO Members States within the Thematic Project on Intellectual Property, Inforamtion and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the Digital Divide and Access to Knowledge, whose objective is to implement recommendations No. 19, 24 and 27 (Clusters B and C) of the WIPO Development Agenda.

The Study aims at providing Member States with a source of relevant and balanced information on the opportunities provided by new models of distributing information and creative content. The Study will consist of a survey of legislations, public policies and strategies of governments that have proven to be beneficial in enhancing access to information and content among the society and the business community, in three key areas: (Part I) education and research; (Part II) software development practices; (Part III) and public sector information.

In addition, it will also facilitate an assessment of the role that could be played by WIPO, within its mandate, to engage in new activities that assist Member States to achieve their development goals in the area of copyright, the flexibilities of its systems as well as new licensing approaches.

The Workshop will offer a unique opportunity for Member States and NGOs to analyze and evaluate the preliminary results of the Study prepared by Professor Bernt Hugenholtz (University of Amsterdam), Professor Rishab Ghosh (University of Maastricht) and Mr. Sisule Musungu (IQ Sensato). After the presentation of the individual contributions, the floor will be open for discussion.