Vocbench is a web-based, multilingual, editing and workflow tool that manages thesauri, authority lists and glossaries using SKOS. VocBench is developed by FAO and its partners, and it is designed to meet the needs of semantic web and linked data environments. VocBench provides tools and functionalities that facilitate both collaborative editing and multilingual terminology. It also includes administration and group management features that permit flexible roles for maintenance, validation and quality assurance.

The VocBench user community is growing, and today includes FAO’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Department and the data.fao.org project, the European Commission Publications Office, the European Environment Agency, the Italian Senate, and more organisations are joining in these days. FAO’s instance of VocBench kindly hosted by FAO Centre of Excellence MIMOS Berhad currently manages the AGROVOC thesaurus, the Biotechnology Glossary and other bibliographic metadata.

The latest production release is VocBench 2.0. This version is a result of a joint effort with the ART group of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. In its 2.0 reincarnation, VocBench has undergone a major rewriting, rewiring the RDF backend of the system on Semantic Turkey, an RDF framework for Knowledge Acquisition and Management developed by the ART team. VocBench 2.0 was released in November 2013 with new features and improvements such as native SKOS support; support for multiple triple-stores; and OSGi compliance.

To explore VocBench functionalities, please play in our Sandbox. Editor functionalities can be tested by using the guest login.To test advanced VocBench functionalities, please contact us. VocBench is now also an open source project. You may access its project site where detailed build instructions and source code are available.


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