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Dear AIMS Visitors!

By joining webinars announced on AIMS, you will be kept up to date on success stories on how to:

· Implement and maintain tools to support Information and Data access services;
· Make your research - FAIR, and your digital informational environments - Trusted
· Promote scholarly communication, scientific research and technical innovation within Open Science frame (including Open Access, Open Data, Open Software, and other facets of open);
· Address important issues - in the light of experience and in view of the current state of the art of the ecosystem - Semantics (including Knowledge Organisation Systems) and of services and tools (including metadata, Linked Data, data and text mining) on its support.   

The aim of Webinars delivered by and announced on AIMS -  is to improve our understanding of current challenges and opportunities in the aforementioned domains, and how to move forward collaboratively in developing an inclusive  Information and Data Access global Infrastructure that works out fairly for a broader range of interested parties.

[email protected] are open to all interested parties. Please see below for the topics, and information on how to join.

Also, feel free to send AIMS team your suggestions for topics you want to learn (more) about.

Moreover, if you have experience in delivering webinars related to Information and Data Access Services topics, AIMS team would be pleased to receive your proposals.

Miss a webinar? Check out our archive with recorded [email protected].