CHAIN-REDS: Open Science at the Global Scale: Sharing e-Infrastructures, Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Progress

The conference will bring together policy and research stakeholders from all the regions targeted by the project (Asia, Africa, Arabia, India, Europe and Latin America) to discuss major developments and perspectives in the field of global e-Infrastructures for Research and Education. The main outcomes of the CHAIN-REDS project will be presented on this occasion:

The development of a Distributed Computing Infrastructure interoperation model between Europe and other regionsThe promotion of international standards and technical guidelines for interoperability of cloud services across continentsOne of the largest existing e-Infrastructure-related digital information systems, the CHAIN-REDS Knowledge BaseA complete methodology for better sharing and using scientific dataThe CHAIN-REDS Science Gateway: a single portal for accessing remote computing and data services anywhere in the worldThe support of the creation of Identity Federations to make Authentification and Authorisation easier for users and service providers worldwideThe main outcomes of the six awareness-raising workshops organised by CHAIN-REDS in Asia, Africa, Arabia, and Latin America