RDA Sixth Plenary Meeting

A wealth of datasets from different global organisations have been made available to enterprises for the creation of novel and innovative solutions in areas covering Air quality, energy and urban activity. We have now launched the second phase of the challenge - the Call for Enterprise & Academic Engagement.
Climate Data Challenge for Enterprise
The vision of the Research Data Alliance is for researchers and innovators to openly share data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. One of these grand challenges is understanding and responding appropriately to rapid climate change. This is a challenge that will require the use of big data from climate models and satellite remote sensing as well as more bespoke data on specific climatic and social phenomena. It will require these data to be integrated in new ways that allow for the understanding and prediction of complex systems, but it will also require a deeper understanding of individual and societal responses to both expected and unanticipated change.
Private enterprise from many sectors has a critical interest and an especially important role to play in addressing this challenge. For example, insurance companies will need to develop better and more responsive risk models. Agriculturalists will need to modify predictions of crop yields and will need to develop new varieties better adapted to more extreme climate. Water managers and hydro companies will need to respond to radically different and variable precipitation patterns. Engineering firms will need to develop new, adaptive approaches to coastal flooding. And the list goes on.