Workshop: Open Data and Agriculture

The existence of open data is a prerequisite to construct information hubs, knowledge exchange and collaborative platforms. CAAS embraces the idea of global open data in agriculture and nutrition and contributes to the global effort of the establishment of the agricultural technology sharing platform. To this end, Chinese Agricultural Libraries Society and GODAN Secretariat would like to invite for a workshop on "Open Data and Agricultural" on November 9-11 2016 in Beijing.

The workshop will be hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (AII-CAAS), under the theme of China and Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition. It welcomes presentations and discussion on data openness, resource sharing, data integration, data interoperability, data provenance, data association and mining analysis as well as open data policies and standard.

Participants to this workshop shall include members of Chinese Agricultural Libraries Society, as well as other researchers and administrative staff engaging in agricultural libraries and agricultural information and knowledge service.