AIMS Newsletter no.69, December 2017

Photo by PEXELS licensed under CC0 License


Dear AIMS Readers,

As the AIMS Community begins the count down to 2018,  we would like to highlight some past achievements and milestones of the outgoing 2017.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all AIMS users, contributors and partners without whom it would not be possible to achieve these results mentioned below.

During 2017, the AIMS Portal : 

  • Published more than 500 news or blog items with prevalent topic being "open data" (see below). About 170 news/blogs promoted were dedicated to different training initiatives in the community.

  • Registered more than 300 new members/users and saw more an average 100,000 online visitors per month.

  • Published regularly monthly Newsletters, which dwelt with a number of cross-cutting issues. Each respective newsletter focused on a specific topic, for example, Open Data and Science; Data Access and Management; Interoperability.


... On Semantics - The AIMS team continued to advance and actively contribute to semantics for agricultural data. Examples of note include : 

  • The growth and maintenance of the AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus, which to date has up to 35,000 concepts and 660,00 terms in 29 languages covering topics related to food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment and other related domains.
  • The continuous maintenance of the VEST registry of vocabularies and ontologies, which has now evolved into the GODAN Action VEST / AgroPortal map of standards. The Registry provides a global map of existing vocabularies for the exchange of data in the field of food and agriculture.

… On the provision of access to data and knowledge - AIMS continued to promote two main initiatives that facilitate access to data and knowledge :

… On Capacity Development – In order to build and strengthen knowledge and essential skills (of all interested parties) needed to create, access, and use quality data and information in agriculture, the AIMS team - in conjunction with its partners - offered several online courses in 2017:

In addition, AIMS held a number of webinars on Data & Information access services and related topics; throughout the year, these were held under the banner [email protected]


Although over the past few years, the discussion around open data has increasingly gained attention from the international community, different facets of open data, including context, data, usage and impact, data quality and supportive community, -  is still a puzzle to be solved progressively with common efforts.

Moreover, from the retrieved news about open data on AIMS (Go to the AIMS main page  - Search: open data), you will notice that currently this topic has been widely discussed in the context of FAIR: findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable principles. You might be also interested in checking out some recent contributions from the international community to outline the future directions of open data.

Resources on open data : HERE you will find an OPEN DATA TOOLKIT – providing links to some relevant open resources, checklists, documents, recommendations, and opinions – that could be used in several ways to create, manage and underpin your open data (& research data) effectively.

And What inspires you to make a difference in your Open Data (strategy) ? 

Transparency? Key goals? Ambitions? Innovation? Sharing? Gratitude ? Think Big, Start Small, Align Shared Interests & Harvest the Low-Hanging Fruit !

Your experience is a great source of knowledge and improvement. Share it also with us on AIMS portal, we’d love to see your contributions on the AIMS pages. Collective Knowledge unleashes our Collective Power. 

AIMS is up to share with you the new open data challenges and resources in 2018.  


Apologies if we have left out names, but this thank you to all. This was an intensive knowledge-sharing year, and each of you played a role in making it a success.

In the space of a social online Twitter community, AIMS would also like to expresses its great appreciation to all its Followers on Twitter.

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