Research4Life enriched with over 12,000 e-books courtesy of Wiley Online Books!

John Wiley and Sons announced that its 12,200 online books would be made available to developing countries through the Research4Life initiatives of HINARI, AGORA , ARDI and OARE.The announcement came with a commitment to further add more than 100 new books published every month. This move is set to benefit research and academic communities in more than 80 developing countries, across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The Wiley Online Books collection includes handbooks, dictionaries, companions, encyclopedias and landmark book series from award-winning authors and renowned researchers in agriculture, health and physical sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The agricultural collection (of over 400 books) cover agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, environment, ecology and food science and technology amongst many sub-disciplinary subjects.

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