3.6.1. Description/Abstract.

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Decisions related to various situations are numbered in the table and flowchart below. For each decision, find your situation according to the question and select an action.

Relation with a resource being described: Resource has description, abstract or table of contents.



  • In describing the content, different words might have been used, such as “abstract” vs. “note”, or “description” vs. “summary”.  A table of contents may also be presented in a description. 

[1] The URL is the abstract of a report “Transatlantic Airline Alliances: The Joint EU–US Report” published by Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (2011) 2 (4).

[2] The URL is the Table of Contents page of Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging Tutorial, Cornell University Library/Research Department, 2000-2003.

[3] Both the text and URL are from the VocBench Webpage, FAO of the United Nation.

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