3.3.2. Identifier.

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Decisions related to various situations are numbered in the table and flowchart below. For each decision, find your situation according to the question and select an action.

Relation with a resource being described: Resource has identifier




  • It is always recommended that a resource has an identifier or identifiers.
  • Established codes for identifiers (universal or local) should be used for any kind of identifiers. It is always recommended to check the syntax, follow or create a rule/guideline when handling identifiers.
  • In the bibliographic descriptions, a resource is always represented by a unique ID.  This ID may be locally assigned (or temporarily being local) [1], or be the same as its global recognizable identifiers such as a URI [2], or contains the string that is from a universal identifier such as an ISSN or a DOI [3]. 

Examples ([1] and [2] are from Bibliographic Ontology (bibo:))

[1] <info:doi/10.1134/S0003683806040089> a bibo:Article

[2] <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/09/us/09cnd-penn.html> a bibo:Article;

     <http://www.amazon.com/dp/026256212X >a bibo:Document 

     <urn:isbn:23983498> a bibo:Book 

     <urn:issn:23346587> a bibo:Journal  

     <http://www.w3.org/2007/Talks/0619-Nancy-IH/> a cc:Work, bibo:Slideshow 

     <http://ic2008.loria.fr/> a bibo:Conference 

[3] <doi:10.1045/july2015-bide>a bibo:Article

In this report, such a unique ID is assumed to each resource being described, at the beginning of a decision tree.

  • In addition to this unique ID, there are identifiers that are assigned to the original resource within the domains of various systems such as ISBN, DOI, ISSN, etc.  The decision tree presented here is about those identifiers, even though one of the identifiers is the same as the unique ID of the resource being described.

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