7 November : Join free Webinar : The Value of Metadata

Metadata has the potential to impact nearly every part of your enterprise. From helping you connect data across business processes to holding the key to your most valuable assets, this underdog data is finally getting the attention it deserves.  

But ... according to a Dataversity report on Metadata, nearly a third of organizations have only begun to address managing this valuable data and a quarter have no metadata strategy at all.

Metadata is “information describing various facets of an information asset, improving its usability through its life cycle. It provides understanding that unlocks the value of data.” This understanding comes from setting the data in context, allowing it to be reused and retrieved for multiple business uses and times.

Metadata exists in a variety of structures table headers, legacy applications, configuration files, in IOT, in the Cloud, media, and Data Models. , - Fundamentals of Metadata Management, DataVersity

Part of what has held organizations back is that metadata is notoriously sneaky data to manage, and even more difficult to put into action using traditional relational database technology.

The upcoming DataVersity webinar "The Value of Metadata" will look at the critical importance of metadata and highlight mission critical metadata apps that have taken a new approach with enterprise NoSQL technology and semantic data models.

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TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific 

Organizations including commercial entities, intelligence agencies, and some of your favorite entertainment companies using this approach have made good on the promise of metadata, and this webinar will cover how you can make metadata the hero in your organization.

Speaker : Matt Turner : Chief Technology Officer, Media and Entertainment

Source : DataVersity 

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