AGRIS reaches new milestone of more than 12 million total records after addition of 83,278 new records as part of September data release

The need for access to open data and data management has become increasingly more important for food security and nutrition. With that in mind, AGRIS is thrilled to announce that 83,278 additional records from 26 data providers representing 16 countries have been published in the International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS).  AGRIS has reached a new milestone and now boasts 12,017,535 total records, as part of the September data release. 

Of the 26 data providers contributing new records to AGRIS this month, four are brand new data providers to AGRIS. AGRIS is thrilled to welcome them to the network and looks forward to ongoing contributions from each organization. More information about each new contributor is below: 

  • Jomard Publishing is the very first institution from Azerbaijan to begin indexing their data in AGRIS. The articles they have indexed in AGRIS are from Research in: Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences, a fully open access, strictly peer-reviewed journal.

  • Hindawi is an academic publisher based in the United Kingdom. AGRIS has published articles from: Advances in Agriculture, International Journal of Agronomy, International Journal of Food Science, International Journal of Forestry Research, International Journal of Zoology, Journal of Obesity, etc.

  • Temas Agrarios is a scientific journal from Colombia, whose objective is to disseminate information and knowledge in the areas of technology and innovation in the agricultural sciences.

  • Editorial Journal "Agrarian History" is a journal from the Russian Federation, aiming to describe the historical patterns of development and functioning of the natural environment and human life, paying close attention to the prospects for the development of agriculture both in Russia and in various regions of the world. 

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