AfricaConnect2 : towards high-capacity internet networks for research and education across Africa

Through the AfricaConnect 2 project, GÉANT is making great progress in bringing affordable Internet to African countries. By collaborating with AfricaConnect2, the pan-European GÉANT network strengthens Europe's links with the African continent and provides African research and education communities ​with a gateway for global ​collaborations – also a requirement for successful research data sharing.​​​

Recognising the importance of building on the interests and ​consensus of local partners, the AfricaConnect2 project adopts a modular approach adjusted to the specificities of the African sub-regions. AfricaConnect2 therefore comprises three geographical areas (clusters) and involves their respective regional networking organisations:

The AfricaConnect2 was mentioned during the past IST-Africa2018 conference (Botswana, 9-11 May 2018). In particular, during this conference it was stressed that researchers and government are committed to turn research into knowledge products, implementing policies to strengthen human resource developmentsustainability, and to create new jobs. A condition for this to be successful is however stable Internet connectivity and sufficient bandwidth. 

Themes covered during the conference included also:

  • mHealth,
  • mHealth4Africa,
  • technology-enhanced learning,
  • cyber security,
  • next generation computing,
  • research cyber-infrastructure and NRENs,
  • IoT,
  • geospatial sciences and land administration,
  • open data and open science,
  • e-government,
  • mAgriculture,
  • ICT4D and content technologies and many more.


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