AGRIS adds 8,803 additional records, now boasting more than 12 million total records

The need for access to open data and data management has become increasingly more important for food security and nutrition. With that in mind, AGRIS is thrilled to announce that 8,802 additional records from 16 data providers representing 11 countries have been published in the International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS).  AGRIS recently reached a new milestone surpassing 12 million total records. With the newest addition, AGRIS now boasts 12,026,544 total records

Of the 16 data providers contributing new records to AGRIS this month, three are brand new data providers to the AGRIS network. AGRIS is thrilled to welcome them to the network and looks forward to ongoing contributions from each organization. More information about each new contributor is below: 

AGRIS wishes to thank all of the data providers that contributed to the addition of 8,802 new records. 

The latest AGRIS data release comes on the heels of the release of the latest version of the personalized institutional sub-portals, packed with new innovative features to improve data providers' experiences utilizing and contributing to the platform. Learn more about the impressive new capabilities here