AGRIS strategy meeting, Athens (Greece)

Agro-Know is really glad to host the upcoming AGRIS strategy meeting at its offices. The meeting will take place between 9-13 of March 2015 and will include members of the AGRIS Steering Committee (FAO, CAAS and Agro-Know) who will spend the next days working collaboratively on topics that will formulate the next steps of AGRIS. This is expected to include the outcomes of the AGRIS e-Consultation Survey  that ran over the previous months and will built on the previous AGRIS meeting that was also hosted by Agro-Know last October, following up the announcement of the new AGRIS Partnership on September 2014.

This time the  FAO AGRIS team will be represented by Fabrizio Celli and on the other hand, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) will be represented by Dr. Sun Wei & Dr. Xian Guojian - both active contributors of the agINFRA project.

Even though the whole Agro-Know team will be around, the core AGRIS team of Agro-Know consisting of Elena Kokoliou, Patrycja Wosiecka and Nikos Manolis will be the ones actually contributing to the meeting (Giorgos Papoutsis, the person involved in the AGRIS data ingestion processes is alread at San Diego, for the 5th RDA Plenary Meeting), along with Agro-Know CEO Nikos Manouselis & COO Giannis Stoitsis who are also involved at a higher level in the Steering Committee of AGRIS.

You can find more information about the meeting on the Agro-Know blog.