Agrochemical RDF

Thank you for Agridrupal. I succefully use Agridrupal as a backbone behind, now hosted by ITC (

Using Drupal again, I am in the preparation of setting up a database in agro-chemicals for a consortium of sustainability initiatives. These organisations intend to inform the public and certified farmers/industry about the respective certification requirements towards agro-chemicals, mrls, re-entry times, preharvest intervals and alternative methods.

Needless to say that I want to follow an Open Data approach and that I will implement a RDF scheme to exchange with third Open  Data databases.

I hope I find some advice from the AIMS community on:

  • - Which RDF scheme to implement for active ingredients, CAS RN and possibly other fields. Which scheme supports this and has authority?;
  • - Which taxonomy or ontology to hook up to. As an active AgriDrupal user, my first option would of course be Agrovoc. Especially because of the Agrovoc autotagger that I wanted to use to tag other content types with, such as news items, pest and diseases etcetera. Unfortunately I found out that Agrovoc doesn't have all active ingredients on board, neither does it make reference to CAS RN. I am quite impressed by the CHEBI ontology, which offers a very rich dataset, including Wikipedia abstracts and links to third sites. Is there a bridge possible between Agrovoc and CHEBI?
  • - Where to find Open Data sources of MRL values in different target countries worldwide. The EU does have a good offer, but ouside the EU? I know of a couple of initiatives that offer this data on a commercial base. Any open source that anyone knows of?
  • - Agrochemical trade names, same issue as the MRLs: even for the USA market only I find different (reputable) databes. None of them offering an Open Data interface, and seemingly none of them offering a compete and recent list of commercial trade names. Anyone aware of good sources of Open data containing commercial trade names connected to active ingredient and/or CAS RN?
  • - Pest and diseases and IPM alternatives. I found a couple of interesting websites . Sadly enough none of these sites offering and Open Data approach, forcing me for the moment to scrape such repositories, and create a bridge between crop-pest/disease-chemical-IPM through auto-tagging. Can anyone point me to RDF enabled repositories?