AGROVOC Thesaurus : some Use Cases

This entry will update you on some issues related to AGROVOC Thesaurus usability. The latest release of AGROVOC thesaurus can be accesses here.   


AGROVOC Multilingual Thesaurus. From Creation ...

The AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus – maintained by FAO of the UN - is an online Linked Data (LD) resource used in different contexts and applications, from a number of perspectives and for a variety of purposes.

The creation and update of AGROVOC content (from April 2017, with releases on a monthly basis) is possible thanks to a totally distributed environment managed by means of  VocBench open source, able not only to provide a web-based, multilingual, collaborative editing environment, but also to link and to show all the AGROVOC data associated to a specific concept using several tabs.

By accessing VocBench from different parts of the world, AGROVOC editors may interact (by contributing to the AGROVOC knowledge base) with one another, as well as with the AGROVOC team at FAO, who are responsible for AGROVOC content validity, quality, and publishing. 

To test: browse the Sandbox version of VocBench (when you log in, you would select agrovoc-test, for the sandbox).

      Suggest new AGROVOC terms [Editorial guidelines (English)].

 To work with AGROVOC and, especially, with the English version of the thesaurus, one can use the AgroTagger. By re-training MAUI, one can use AgroTagger also in a different language. Learn more : AgroTagger : JAVA software to index your documents with AGROVOC thesaurus.

… To its Use by International Community of Practice

The international AGROVOC Community of Practice is concerned with reaching as many interested users as possible while highlighting the developments, advantages and challenges of AGROVOC.  

To be constantly updated on ongoing (and to share specific) AGROVOC issues, you are invited to Join AGROVOC DGroups mailing list.

This AGROVOC online community is intended to establish communications both in "personal” communication and via shared mailing list-type. 

AGROVOC: - -  Challenges - - Where to go  - -  How to get there ... 

Creating the Turkish AGROVOC version. Interview with Yasemin Çevik (from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkey. Archive interview.)

Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (GACS)

What and Why Technology is important to push the development of AGROVOC Thesaurus? (interview with Andrea Turbati - from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” - responsible for managing the maintenance of AGROVOC technical facilities).

In the future AGROVOC will move to VochBench3 (VB3), though for the time being it is still maintained on VB2. 

AGROVOC thesaurus in the "Vocabulary Preservation" Section of the NISO TR-06-2017: "Issues in Vocabulary Management"



Since its inception in 1980, the use of AGROVOC has been progressively increased and diversified, ranging (among a number of use-cases) :


Index Term Extraction for Agricultural Documents
Rich ontologies [and multilingual ontology matching, e.g. Supporting Multilingual Ontology Matching With MoKi],
AGROVOC term selection ...  


Natural Language Processing, NLP (e.g., Natural Language Processing Methods and Systems for Biomedical Ontology Learning),
Auto-Classification of content (e.g., AGROVOC autocoder) ...


Use of AGROVOC within information management systems, in order to :

Filter out relevant connected AGROVOC datasets through SKOSMOS tool able to “consult”, i.e. search & browse AGROVOC triple store to show results (AGROVOC terms, concepts, their relations) represented/expressed in SKOS using the RDF,

Improve information retrieval through information, indexed and enriched (interlinked) by means of AGROVOC semantic items. E.g.:

The AGRIS (International Information System For The Agricultural Science And Technology) platform 

You might also be interested to learn about : 

The role of AGROVOC and other LOD vocabularies in architectural models of interoperability;

LIVIVO: search portal for medicine, health, nutrition, environmental and agricultural sciences;

Exposing Data from an Open Access Repository for Economics as Linked Data;

Enriching scientific publications with semantically related data;

Link business and content assets automatically. E.g.: 

Semantic Business Concepts Model from DATA FOOD CONSORTIUM , - 

 -  just to name few relevant groups of AGROVOC uses.

Moreover, AGROVOC... :

... is highlighted on web portals of different digital repositories and libraries worldwide (e.g.: Classification Server of PHAIDRALibrary of Congress, USDA: National Agricultural LibraryHelsinki University Library),

... Web Services have been included in the list of Guidelines and Application Profiles for Open Access Repositories of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR),

... has been indexed in (Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications) and AGROPORTAL.  

Are you aware of any further:

  • Tool(s) created for …
  • Communities of practice engaged in …
  • Research outputs describing and projects boosting …

… the implementation and use of AGROVOC thesaurus ? 

If so, please share your knowledge by contacting AGROVOC team at: [email protected].

The AGROVOC team will continue to expand the inventory of AGROVOC good practices (including different experiences of AGROVOC uses) worldwide and, - consequently - inform you about them via the AIMS portal.

Your voice matters and will benefit AGROVOC international community of practice in a variety of ways !