ASFA thesaurus linked to AGROVOC LOD

From the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) thesaurus 1812 concepts have been linked to the AGROVOC LOD.

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts thesaurus

The ASFA Thesaurus is an indexing and searching tool. It contains the subject descriptors used to index the records which are contained in the ASFA bibliographic database. ASFA is an abstracting and indexing service covering the world's literature on the science, technology, management, and conservation of marine, brackish water, and freshwater resources and environments, including their socio-economic and legal aspects.


AGROVOC LOD is the first and a largest linked open data set in the Agricultural domain. The AGROVOC team and its technical partner MIMOS Berhad published AGROVOC as linked open data in April 2011.

The LOD Cloud Group of the Linking Open Data community has integrated AGROVOC LOD into the latest update of the Linked Open Data cloud diagram, a high level overview of linked data sets from around the globe.