Batch importing functionality in AgriOcean Dspace

The AgriOcean Dspace (AOD) version 1.1 came with a new function to import records in AGRIS AP, MODS, Endnote and Web of Science RIS files. It is now possible in the submission process to batch import records in the stated metadata formats. Once you have a file with several records to be imported in AOD, the steps to be followed are:

Choosing the collection where to upload records

Log into the AOD, and choose the 'collection' within your repository where you intend to upload the records to and then under the "The Submit to This Collection" button the following table is visible. For example, if you want to upload records under the collection 'Publications' you will open the collection page as shown in the screen shot below. 

Choose the metadata format to use

Use the tab in the identified collection home to choose the metadata format, (AGRIS AP format accommodates both AGRIS and ASFA records); upload the files from your computer. After this import procedure is done AOD gives an overview of the converted records.

Edit the submissions

Proceed to “My Dspace” where you can open and edit unfinished submissions. Note that there is a need to manually correct the records as some fields, such as document type, are not perfectly imported.