CGIAR Big Data Update: Ontologies Community of Practice Work Plan 2020

A platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Community of Practice: Ontologies Work Plan 2020

The Ontologies CoP brings together experts in ontology design, developers of ontology-driven applications, users of semantic web technologies, and data managers from CGIAR Centers, as well as public and private organizations, to create a critical mass of expertise to tackle major issues related to semantics for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data in agriculture. Currently, the CoP gathers 324 members among which 102 are active on the CoP LinkedIn group. Furthermore, the Ontologies CoP hosts four working groups, some in collaboration with other Platform’s CoPs, in which members share their expertise. The CoP provides a forum for co-learning and knowledge exchange regarding ontologies for plants, fish, livestock, water management, and socio-economics.

In 2020, the Ontologies CoP will maintain activities through working groups that support integration and interoperability of data for BIG DATA Platform tools, particularly GARDIAN and the Atlas on Climate Change Risks and Adaptation that will require combining biophysical and socioeconomic data. The CoP will prospect annotating Clearing House products for the Atlas.

Access to the Ontologies Work Plan 2020 from here.

The Community of Practice will also contribute to AGROVOC content with the FAO Team.

How can you get involved?

Join the LinkedIn group to get in contact with experts in the ontology domain.

Share your knowledge with the community. Take part in the blog series or present during a webinar.