Consultation on guidelines on recommended standard licences, datasets and charging for the re-use of public sector information

The EU has recently updated the rules on the re-use of public sector information (PSI), in the form of the revised PSI Directive.

Once fully implemented, the Directive will boost the data market in Europe by making all the generally accessible public sector information available for re-use. Developers, programmers, creative citizens and businesses will be able to get and re-use public sector data at zero or very low cost in most cases. They will also have access to more exciting and inspirational content since materials in national museums, libraries and archives now fall under the scope of the Directive.

In order to give practical recommendations to the public authorities on how to implement the new rules, the Commission will soon publish a set of guidelines on:

  1. recommended standard licenses,
  2. datasets to be released/improved as a matter of priority and
  3. charging for the reuse of documents.

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from re-users of public sector information (entrepreneurs, individuals), public sector bodies, data re-use experts.

A public hearing on the planned guidelines will be held in on 25 November 2013 from 10:00 to 16:30 at the Euroforum building in 10, rue Stumper, 2557 Luxembourg. Please click here for more information.