Create a personal account on the AGRIS platform and explore AGRIS functionalities

AGRIS team would like to inform all AGRIS users that the user registration possibility is now up and running. There are some further technical improvements to the user log in area and these will be communicated in due course. We take this opportunity to summarize the benefits of AGRIS service and to provide details on how users can familiarize themselves with it.


There are plenty of information resources about agriculture

and their visibility, accessibility, consistency and completeness diverge enormously. AGRIS (International Information System For The Agricultural Science And Technology) – as a global public database providing access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology –, aims at increasing access to this information by exposing and linking bibliographical (meta)data on agriculture domain together. In this way,

AGRIS is actively addressing gaps in the available bibliographical information

(abstracts and citations of articles, books,  conference papers, thesis and other resource types) in agricultural and related domains, as well as providing a range of ways for this information to be accessed, linked and shared.  

AGRIS bibliographical records are indexed with 

AGROVOC - a FAO’s multilingual thesaurus published as LOD in a SKOS version. AGROVOC is used by AGRIS as backbone to link AGRIS records and externals resources. The objective is to increase the ‘use and usefulness’ of the available information, i.e. to support more informed research, debates on and policy making in land governance, to promptly share data/information about best practices and promising e-agriculture innovations.

The inherent value of AGRIS

is that is points users to where they can find resources indexed, however a  number of AGRIS resources (to date, 8,420,558 bibliographical records) come with a link to full-text records (accessed through Google) which are stored elsewhere.

To search AGRIS

simply enter one or more keywords related to the topic you are looking for in the search box placed on home. For more detailed information on how to search, please visit the "How it works" page on the AGRIS website.

The search results are displayed on one page with on the left side the AGRIS bibliographic records and on the right the linked resources & an advanced search area.

You might also find useful to read this guiding blog “Locating full-text articles in AGRIS” providing details on how to retrieve full-text articles using the AGRIS database.

In case you would you like to contribute to AGRIS

with bibliographic references pointing to agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic sciences & fisheries, human nutrition and related issues, please visit the "For contributors" page.

AGRIS User registration functionality is now online !

Creating a personal account on AGRIS allows each user to bookmark and save the searches they conduct on the platform.

The creation of a user registration facility was one of the main goals of the AGRIS Team and was demanded by the community. In particular, both AGRIS partners and users expressed their interest for a private area to create personal profiles and to customize the AGRIS interface (a step towards “social AGRIS”).

Where to find the Registration Tab:

Then enter your details:


Thereafter, you will receive a system-generated e-mail with Subject: “AGRIS Account confirmation”, inviting you to follow link to activate your account. After your account has been successfully activated, you can proceed with

Signing In:

To sign in, please kindly follow this link. One can always tick 'Remember me' tab and this allows your browser to automatically log in the next time you log in.

AGRIS Team sincerely apologizes for the previous downtime and assures its users of continuous support. Please contact AGRIS Team at [email protected] for any AGRIS-related question.


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