CTA and Wisard International: an AGRIS AP compliant Object Library

CTA (http://www.cta.int/) and Wisard International (http://www.wi.wur.nl/UK/) have been developing a DLIO Library that has the AGRIS AP as basis for data entry, data storage and data dissemination. FARA and SADC have also invested in this development.This Object Library is a fully open source Django project (http://www.djangoproject.com/), developed by the WISARD Group of Wageningen International.The Library can hold various types of information, text-based, images or multi-media.Its functional specifications aim at compliance with the most widely used Agricultural Information Management Standards (http://www.fao.org/aims) to facilitate interoperability, reusability and cooperation.It is compliant with the Dublin Core (DC) and AGRIS Application Profile formats.The project is accessible at: http://dlio.ctafotogallery.webfactional.com/library/documents/