Free Open Science TRAINING e-courses (FOSTER)

FOSTER Open Science toolkit (releaseNovember 2018)

How do you put Open Science into practice? Take a look at these free Open Science courses that provide focused, practical and relevant, discipline-specific examples to answer some of the burning questions researchers have. 

The courses include practical tips on getting started with Open Science (OS) as well as providing information on discipline specific tools and resources you can use. There is no specified order through the courses – just explore topics that you want to learn more about at your own pace.

These e-learning modules have been developed reusing openly available content produced by a range of content providers including DataOne, Research Data Netherlands, Open Data Institute, European Data Portal, Digital Curation Centre, UK Data Service, CESSDA, DARIAH, ELIXIR, Software Sustainability Institute, FOSTER and many others actively developing open educational resources relating to Open Science.

These courses answer some of the most common questions you might have about putting OS into practice. Each course takes about 1-2 hours to work through and you’ll receive a badge upon completion. 

What is Open Science?

This introductory course will help you to understand what open science is and why it is something you should care about.

Best Practices

This course introduces funding body policies and other environmental factors that influence good practice in opening up research practice.

Managing and Sharing Research Data

In this course, you'll focus on which data you can share and how you can go about doing this most effectively.

OSS and Workflows

This course introduces Open Source Software (OSS) and workflows as an emerging but critical component of Open Science. 

Data Protection and Ethics

This course helps you to get to grips with responsible data sharing. 

Open Access Publishing

This course will help you become skilled in Open Access publication in the wider context of Open Science. 

Sharing Preprints

This course introduces the practice of sharing preprints and helps you to see how it can support your research. 

Open Peer Review (OPR)

This course will introduce you to OPR and let you know how you can get started with it. 

Open Science and Innovation

This course will show you how Responsible Research and Innovation is accelerated through Open Science. 


This course helps you to find the best license for your open research outputs. 



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