Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) 2016 Summit

GODAN is planning a 2016 Summit for its partners to advance the agenda for open data in agriculture and nutrition

The Summit has one clear challenge in mind: a call to action to help the GODAN partnership pinpoint and fill the critical data gaps in agriculture and nutrition required to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2*

Following on from GODAN’s hugely successful partners’ meeting in January 2015 (more about that here), you can keep up to date with the 2016 Summit developments over the next few months by signing up here.

GODAN partners are invited to become part of a committee for planning the Summit and looking at how to best move forward with the open data agenda. Register here to join the Summit planning committee. 

Or, if you’re not yet a GODAN partner yet but would like to find out more about becoming one, click here.

A core group of representatives of partners supporting the Summit has already been looking at locations - including options for multi-site locations, for the event in September or October 2016.

Watch out for news on GODAN’s Twitter feed.

What is GODAN?

An exciting initiative launched in 2013, GODAN is a rapidly expanding group of over 200 partners focused on opening up data in agriculture and nutrition. GODAN focuses on policy at a high level and partners are drawn from governments, non-government organizations and businesses, all jointly committed to a Statement of Purpose.

* Sustainable Development Goal 2: ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.