Japanese Institutional Repositories Online exceeds 1 Million Full-text Articles

Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JIRO) developed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII), harvests metadata from institutional repositories in more than 206 Japan research institutions and universities. National Institute of Informatics build JIRO through registrations from interested organisations and provides a common search interface.

JIRO recently announced reaching 1 million mark of full-text articles. The millionth content was an article from Kangoshima University’s Repository. JIRO collects metadata from open access publications (for example, journals articles, thesis or dissertations, departmental bulletin papers, research papers, see their content types on table below) accumulated in Japanese institutional repositories. The evolution and growth of full text papers from 2007 to date can be viewed here.

JIRO repository item status

For more information on Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JIRO) repository visit http://jairo.nii.ac.jp/en/  and for more information regarding the NII Repositories Programme visit http://www.nii.ac.jp/irp/en/