Join e-Agriculture Community Participants Panel and Peer Assist ! Capacity Development in Data Collecting for Agriculture Analytics

From 16 to 27 October 2017,  FAO e-Agriculture community of practice is promoting its free online Learning Activity on the use of Drones for data collecting & analytics in Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Did you miss this real-time e-Agriculture learning event ? 

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This week e-Agriculture had three webinars, one of which was with Matthew Barre from SLANTRAGE on airborne agriculture analyticsThe webinar by Matthew Barre, overviewed SLANTRANGE's approach in analysing data collected by drones. Drone-based imaging and analytics are proving to be a powerful tool to provide new insights to agronomists and farmers in crop research, breeding, and production. WATCH HERE.

On Wednesday 25 October e-Agriculture organizes a participants panel, during which participants can showcase their project or experiences.
If you have something you would like to share, pitch your idea in max 200 words to [email protected] and 4 best proposals will be included in a live event !  

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A peer assist : What does this mean?

The Peer Assist is a tool which supports a ‘learning before doing’ processes in which advice is sought from someone else, or a group that has/have done something similar. This tool encourages participatory learning, by asking those with experience in certain activities to assist those wishing to benefit from their knowledge, through a systematic process, towards strengthened mutual learning.

There are over 700 participants that subscribed for this activity from all over the world. On Participants Panel and Peer Assist page you can post a particular challenge or problem you are facing or a technical question you might have. The idea is that one of your peers will help you to find a solution by sharing his or hers knowledge on the topic and that you help the others find solutions to their questions or problems. 

In order to get the most out of this activity please follow this simple guidelines:

  1. Try to be as specific as possible when you are sharing a challenge, problem or question (give brief context so others can understand)
  2. Consider this a brainstorm - finding solutions to a problem goes with trial and error - so do not overthink your replies
  3. Use one thread of comments for one specific problem (practically that if you reply to someone's challenge or question you comment to the comment of that person so the messages are linked) - When you are sharing a new problem, start a new thread.

The e-Agriculture Team will facilitate this exercise by trying to encourage all registered participants to engage in this activity and to contribute based on their knowledge. The results of the discussions will be summarized so they can be shared and used also after the activity.

More information is here