Love Your Data International Week 2017

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Have you followed up on news from the LoveYourData International Week, 13-17 February 2017? Similar to Open Access Week, the purpose of the Love Your Data (LYD) campaign is to raise awareness and build a community to engage on topics related to Research Data Management (RDM), sharing, preservation, reuse, and library-based research data services.


"We love your data, and we want to help encourage its use developing programs and policies that improve population health, well-being, and equity", - LoveYourData 2017 blog

Data are essential building blocks of scholarship and research.

“The production of data is expanding at an astonishing rate: experts now point to an 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020” (LEARN project: Goals, Impact And Expected Results).

Love Your Data 2017:

Monday: Defining Data Quality

Tuesday: Documenting, Describing, Defining

Wednesday: Good Data Examples

Thursday: Finding the Right Data

Friday: Rescuing Unloved Data








Below are some highlights from several communities of practice engaged with RDM issues. 

DataCite develops and supports tools and methods that make data more accessible and more useful

DataCite invites members from all types of organizations – including data centres, publishers, libraries, and funders – to join its global network committed to supporting data sharing through partnership, advocacy, and by developing tools and services that accelerate data sharing, use, and reuse.

Looking for free openly-licensed research data management training materials?

Browse Research Data Management (RDM) open training materials on ZENODO.  These materials can be re-used by others either in a class environment or for self-teaching.

To upload straight to RDM (on ZENODO) community, click here.  

The community:

  • accepts submissions (in any language) of openly available online RDM training materials which can be re-used by others either in a class environment or for self-teaching; 
  • doesn't accept irrelevant material, material that is not specifically a learning resource, or material that is licensed in such a way that inhibits reuse without fee. 

Submissions should:

  • clearly specify authoring information if Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) is used;
  • clearly indicate topic areas, language and any other information that will help users to find appropriate learning resources.

Find all the resources Facet Publishing published during the Love Your Data Week

To learn more about multiple facets of RDM, check the news from the IDCC17, Edinburg, 20-23 February 2017

Monday 20 February 2017:

Thursday 23 February 2017:


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