New AGROVOC release! July 2017

AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to inform all interested parties about new AGROVOC release - July 2017.

As you may already know, starting from April 2017, - AGROVOC content is being updated on a monthly basis.

The latest (3 July, 2017) AGROVOC release is available HERE

AGROVOC counts as of today  33,059 concepts and 652,007 terms in 33 languages available ! 


In this scenario, AGROVOC counts (in different languages):

  • 72,064 Taxonomic terms - for plants
  • 7,136 Taxonomic terms - for bacteria
  • 17,944 Taxonomic terms - for fungi
  • 8,547 Common name - for plants
  • 4,682 Common name - for animals
  • 156,418 Taxonomic terms - for animals
  • 5,130 Taxonomic terms - for viruses

To discover more about AGROVOC concept, terms and relaitonships - just start searching and browsing for AGROVOC concepts in SKOSMOS !


Our warm thanks to all AGROVOC editors who contributed to this new release.

A special thank to the ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group, that took over technical support for AGROVOC open web services software.

Last, but by no means least, thanks to all AGROVOC users! 

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