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president of academy of science chairperson of the conference

Mehlhorn from Max Planck Gesellschaft

Deputy Director of CAS introduces
promoting open access

CAS has an enormous quantity of journals and they want to push openAccess

Elsevier China present

consensus of academic world and support of the government needed to develop models for OA.


next Berlin9 will take place in the US
300 institutions have signed Berlin declaration
"scientific knowledge and cultural heritage"
Open Access Journals
Publishers models

for the keynote

China is promoting openAccess for Innovation Systems
As a funding organization they want the results of science open

Keynote 1: Pan Jiaofeng
about OA practices of CAS
CAs highest organizations for science in China
1 academic departments
2 research institutes (100 directly affiliated)
55000 employees
basic research, high technology research, sustainability

MPG  science and humanities!!!
6000 staff, 5000 PhD Students, 2000 guest scientists, 80 institutes, 273 directors,

Idea of National Libraries already expresses the openAccess spirit

MPG is committed to OA, but would never force their scientists to publish OA
Boundaries must be set in the right way
3 ways
- Getting Journals OA
- Improving OA Journals
- second publishing of articles in not OA journals
SCOAP from HEP  High Energy Physics as example

living reviews, openSource software for electronic publishing
Living Reviews in Relativity has Impactfactor of 10.6
MPGDL put infrastructure in place

PubMan as institutional repository of MPG, many reasons for institutional repositories

Copyright issues cannot be with the single scientist. Copy Right agreements needed

Data!!!!!! not only publications
most data locked away because too cumbersome to make it available, changed by Internet
Shared data!
eSciDoc workbench of MPG for scientist workbench

Collaboration Germany China very intensive

Session 2
DFG presentation

DFG foerdert openArchive projects, also linking of journals to data

Only question about the collaboration with China

9 billion Dollars in reseearch every year

common classification codes 157 codes  (Chemistry has 7 codes)

session 4

Duke University
Elaborated OA Mechanisms.  As with MPG, there is no mandating possible, as researchers are in possess of there research

no mandate neither in Goettingen, but a letter of the University president to enforce open Access


more software development ungoing

has gotten sustainable!  will make a first time profit in 2010
in all discussion openAccess journals are seen alternative to repositories, this is a problem

talking with Lisa Petrides
What can she do for our open Learning repositories. Sending to her Marcia's paper for review and sanity test

2000 journals a year
Springer has seen this from the beginning as a simple new business model.
Springer is now the worlds largest open access publisher
Springer is maintaining BioMedCentral

Gold Open Access is growing fast, will get 25% of the market within 2020
BioMedCentral, more than 200 journals, Low income country waivers for paying of the publishing fee

SWORD protocol

Open Access Journals can be used to populate Institutional Repositories

automatically through SWORD protocoll developed together with MIT.

Quality and sustainability are important
supporting all mechanisms to quality sustainable content
Elsevier speaks about Research4Life as their contribution to open access
but showed strange map with Argentina and Chile as free countries

7% of Elsevier articles posted to repositories. Peer project to agree direct posting to repositories with authors

Elsevier wants to use with organizations to make access to primary research data easier

PLOS: we are giving waivers, when waivers are asked for, payment rate is about 90%
BioMedCentral: automatic recognition of Authors from LowIncome Countries and automatic waiver without asking contribution
To explore: linking PLOS journals directly to AGRIS, If Journal is PLOS then go to article!!

big team
eprints also repository for videos and images or educational resources, ppts, slides
, chrystal factsheets

ePrints can produce linked data formats

implementing openAccess mandate in all member states
we need to study openAire guidelines
Driver 2 OpenAIRE 1.0  COAR 1.0
Minho in connection with Hasselt
CERN offers an Orphan repository build on the Invenio platform
FAO to become member of COAR?
Working groups
Network support and training
CIARD member of COAR?
COAR has a broad international scope and needs to be used for CIARD

XIAMEN repositories
50% DSpace, no Eprints, Fedora, 43% commercia, 7% own development
Only 3.8 % are willing to open withto member,  38.5 % require account, only 16% completely open

Agricultural University of Beijing
re-established contact
We have to write to Pan Wei. [email protected]

are investing at the moment in theses
more preservation then open access directed
repository component of the university information system


63 institutes with repositories, 40 open topublic, 23 not, many of them have collected 1000snd of items

85500 records with 60% links to fulltext

Japan, Seiko Tokuda

Bettina Goerner
Manager Springer OpenAcces
Linking AGRIS to Springer OpenAccess Journals, via linked data and via Records in AGRIS

authors rigths
collaboration with DuraSpace foundation

CAS OA Policies
Zhang Xiaolin from  CAS Library
He is good, speaks English, and understands the business
Very good Challenges slide

Bruch MPDL
MPG has taken over the OpenAccess movement to get it out of the hands of the Publisher haters. like Harnard, Swan, Chan,
The PEER consortium is another of this means with STM consortium as a partners, where they are all Nature, Elsevier, Springer, BMJ, Wiley, Taylor Francis

Comparing impact of deposited articles in repositories

Costs and benefits of open Access

German National Licensing Program
NLP highest cost benefit return
In research intensive universities fees for publishing might be higher than subscription costs
pewliminary modelling suggests that the incremenal benefits from OA to all US federally funded research might be around 5imes the costs.

Dominique Tate
Support to Infrastructures in the UK

Session on Legal Issues and Copyright

Kevin Smith, Duke, Legal Officer

in all WTO countries copyright is automatically with the author. Author in a very powerful position

4 interests
Institutions as employers or repository owner
Owner of material incorporated in new works

If copyright is transferred by contract, the law rules not any more

there is a creative commons china mainland

What is science common?

China comes from communal property rights, America from private. They meet at creative commons

Lucie Guibault

In Germany material for teaching and research can be digitized and sent to scientific communities. Contested by publishers, but still law.

53a: sending of copies on order also permitted

OA expressively on the AGenda of copyright reform in Germany

MPDL very polemic with the Publishers

90% of scientists think that open Access is good, but only 8-10 % are in open access journals

Alma Swan works on the economic impact of openAccess  (OASIS and Key perspectives)

Big research universities would have to pay much more on the gold route of open access. Britain overall would save money, but some bigger universities would suffer

December 6
Meeting UNESCO - EC on Open Access in Developing COuntries

JF Dechamp contacted me


completely openSource, sustained activity
It is Infrastructure plus activations.

Repository infrastructure, Infrastructure for Virtual Research Environments
manage linguistic data, laboratory data, publication infrastructure

New Infrastructure because research data need to be handled. service infrastructure for publication and research data

not only storage, but working environments

more archival capacities and more data management capacities.

Drupa plus eSciDOC!!!!!!!

integrate with other systems as core szenario

One source,  multiple reuse

eSciDoc, Pubman

Integrate with CMS in many MPG Institutes,

used in Spain and Japan

many standard formats supported

Technical Aspects

CONE a name entity service
COntrol of Name Entities

works with DDC

so this means, PubMan can create URIs that are Linked data enabled

Can Cone linke to vocabularies external to ESciDoc

Cone can easily integrate other subject vocabularies, stores URIs and  produces linked data

The MPG people brought a Chinese developer to present ESciDoc!!!

Germany and USA are Chinaá main partner!